Cathy Park Kelly

Photo by Catrina Carrigan on Unsplash

For my birthday a few months ago, my husband whisked me off into the city for a surprise night away. We were excited for our adventure. Hotel bedlinen! A chance to sleep late!

After we’d found parking in Long Street (never an easy task), we lugged our bags one block to the hotel entrance and up two flights of stairs to the Reception desk.

‘Booking for Kelly, please: the Beach House.’

The receptionist shook his head: ‘Sorry, you’re at the wrong hotel. This is Daddy Long Legs. You’re looking for Grand Daddy, five blocks down.’

So back down the stairs with our bags we went, and into the bumper to bumper stream of cars to look for parking. Again.

Joel looked over at me: ‘Sorry! You must think I’m an idiot.’

It doesn’t have to be a dog eat dog world

Now if we…

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