Family, friends, readers gathered last night at Liberty Books to celebrate the launch of Elton Baatjies, the eagerly awaited debut novel by local author Lester Walbrugh.

Cleo wanted to do the interview …

… but the humans insisted that they would do a better job and even dressed up – Elton-style! – for the occasion.

Full house for Lester, Christy, Elton and Cleo!

The humans did a great job for a while …

… but then Cleo did take over!

She (and the tiger) wanted to know about the role of wild horses in the novel, and whether any cats featured.

The novel is fiction, but it is so believably written and feels so real that the local cops showed up to arrest Elton!

To find out whether Detective Junaid Japtha is as successful in fiction, and about what happens to Tyron May, you will have to read Elton Baatjies.

Lester’s job is done: Elton Baatjies is in the hands of readers. Books were celebrated, sold and signed.

Thank you to Liberty Books and all who attended for another amazing literary event! Thank you to Peregrine Farm Stall for the delicious snacks! And thank you to Paul Cluver Wines for the elegant wines which made the evening all the more special!

Above all, thank you to Christy and Lester for a great conversation and all the literary joy you bring into our lives!

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