Spa manager Lauren runs a professional space, so when Wyatt, the pool cleaner, brings down the tone with his languorous manner and sketchy dress code, she loses her cool. Instead of being intimidated, Wyatt is captivated and tries to chip through her armour of hair gel and makeup to find the real Lauren inside. But he is reluctant to reveal too much of himself, and when Lauren finds out who he really is, the pool guy is in for the swim of his life.

Hotel. Spa. Pool. Summer. Sea. Romance.

This book is the holiday you need.


ISBN: 978-0-620-96484-5

Publication date: November 2021

MELISSA A. VOLKER is a reader, writer, beauty therapist and water woman. She lives in Cape Town with her husband, two daughters and a cat. She blogs about surfing and stand-up paddleboarding; writes eco-fiction, romance and short stories. Her first eco-romantic thriller, A Fractured Land, was published in the US in 2018 and was republished along with her second novel, Shadow Flicker, by Karavan Press in South Africa in 2019. Shadow Flicker won the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa’s Strelitzia Award for the most promising manuscript in 2017. Melissa’s short story, ‘Spa Ritual’, was published in Hair: Weaving and Unpicking Stories of Identity. The Pool Guy is her first novelette.

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