The Faculty of Arts and Design at the Durban University of Technology conferred an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Visual and Performing Arts to the seasoned multitalented singer, actress, producer and playwright, Thembi Mtshali-Jones. The honorary degree was conferred during DUT’s second session of the 2022 Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Monday, 16 May 2022. 

“In 2011 my city, eThekwini, gave me a Living Legend Award and I would like to repeat the same words I made on that night. I have been highly decorated in almost all corners of the world where I have worked. This gave me a sense of achievement and pride. However, as it kept happening, I started to feel a sense of inadequacy. I had many questions I could not answer. As it happened then, I am now sure of where that emptiness stems from, despite being showered with all manners of praises and awards. The reason-being is that: no recognition, no matter how much weight and wealth it carries, can ever beat a simple gesture, such as a Thank You from your own city and more so, by a reputable institution such as DUT,” said Mtshali-Jones, expressing her gratitude for the recognition from DUT.


To read more about the honorary degree, click here: DUT

To find out more about the remarkable and inspiring life of Dr Thembi Mtshali-Jones, please read Sindiwe Magona’s biography, Theatre Road.

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