afterwards is a thrilling collection that takes us in a series of lyrical bounds from the poet’s ancestry in Wales to her birth in England to the country and spirit animals she inhabits now. An exhilarating read.”

– Finuala Dowling

“In these provocative poems Kerry Hammerton probes with a ruthless acuity how society constructs and represents self and women. Her poems also explore the lived-in-ness of the body with its desires, its beauty and even its joys. Ranging from lyrical poetry to flash-fiction this experimental collection is richly satisfying.”

– Kobus Moolman

Publication date: April 2023

ISBN: 978-0-6397-2219-1

KERRY HAMMERTON lives in Cape Town, South Arica and has an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University. She has published poetry and prose in various South African and international literary journals and anthologies – including Living While Feminist (Kwela Books, 2020) and The Only Magic We Know (Modjaji Books, 2020). afterwards is Kerry’s fourth poetry collection. Kerry is a freelance tutor and supervisor on the Rhodes’ Masters in Creative Writing programme.

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